“Angel” Missionaries Giving the Gift of Christ….

These are the experiences that President Anderson shared in his letter to the missionaries this week…

“Isn’t it wonderful to know as representatives of Christ, especially this time of year, that we are bringing precious souls to Him. Giving these souls the opportunity of Eternal Life is “the most desirable above all things”.


Just as the Angels gave the vision to Nephi and later announced the birth of Christ to the World, we are Angels to those who are looking for Christ:


“We were harvesting because some appointments fell through. We got a few doors slammed in our faces and so on. Then we said a prayer with this lady … She was about to cry, we testified of the Spirit and invited her, she accepted a date and to come to church, and she told us that she received revelation that week saying that two angels would come to her door, and boom here we are!!”


Angels of Christ who have been sent to help them on the right path:


“We Harvested a woman named Janet, who after the prayer, said, ‘You know those Christmas movies that always have angels in them? The ones God sends to change people? I know that you two is my Christmas Angels.’  We invited her to be baptized. She said, ‘The Holy Spirit is here.  He’s been whispering to me that it’s time for a big change for days now – I just didn’t know how it was gon’ come.’  She accepted baptism too.”


Angels who bring the truth to those who may not see with their eyes, but see with their hearts:


“We went harvesting and found a man, Marshall, who is legally blind and practically had the word elect stamped on his forehead… We prayed for him and then asked him who he knew that needed a blessing.  He pointed to his neighbor and then we asked him to accompany us to bless them.  We knocked on his neighbor’s door and when we talked to them, they first tried to shut the door on us.  But then Marshall chimed in and said that we just wanted to pray for them.  They reluctantly let us in and we knelt down to pray.  The spirit entered the room and I was grateful for the blessings that exact obedience brings.  It was awesome.  Marshall is blind, so it was very difficult for him to leave his house.  But he knew the importance of the spirit that the harvest blessing brings, so of course he wanted to share it with his neighbors.  After the prayer, we helped him back to his house and continued to teach.  He came to church yesterday and he’s getting baptized next week.”


Our gift to others is the “Gift of Christ”. As his representatives, we can give this gift to all those elect who are prepared to receive his Angels. Those Angels are you, the elect are those that receive you, and “The Gift of Christ” is the “priceless gift of joy” that Christ can give with His Gospel.”

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