A couple of other blogs…

I know from comments and phone calls that a number of parents are interested in what is going on in the mission. Here are a couple of other blogs that post letters from their missionaries for others to share. I think you will enjoy reading them.

http://eldercoltonpond.blogspot.com We know Elder Pond very well because we had the opportunity to serve with him here in Fort Lauderdale. As you read his letters home you will catch his enthusiasm for missionary work.

http://elderchristianhoole.blogspot.com We do not know Elder Hoole as well as Elder Pond but we have had a number of chances to talk to him. He is one of our Creole speaking elders.

http://fullmerinflorida.blogspot.com Elder Fullmer is another missionary we do not know well but I find his blog interesting reading.

1 thought on “A couple of other blogs…

  1. B.J. Fullmer

    Thank you for reading Elder Fullmer’s blog. It was his idea to start one and I am grateful he has been able to write good letters of his wonderful experiences. Thank you for posting your blog as well. The parents of the mission love being able to see the mission through your eyes.


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