The Temple – a month later!

After spending about half the day at the office catching up on things, we went by the temple site to see how it was going. Little had changed since we were there a month ago to see the Moroni statue. Most of the outside windows are not completely in and they have started to some work on the area where the fountain will go in. We are hoping that before we leave the landscaping will be mostly in. If we want to see the completed temple we will have to come back for the tour and dedication.

24-nov-12-temple-se-corner.jpg 24-nov-12-temple-se-corner-close.jpg 24-nov-12-temple-east-fountain-start.jpg

It was a beautiful winter day and the first two pictures show the South and East (not West as originally posted – thanks Darrell)  sides of the temple. The one on the right is the East or front side. If you look close you can see the plumbing where the fountain will be built.

24-nov-12-temple-3-windows-complete.jpg 24-nov-12-temple-window-close.jpg 24-nov-12-temple-window-plaster-detail-2.jpg 24-nov-12-temple-2nd-window-plaster-detail.jpg

On the North side of the temple I can get close enough to take good pictures of the beautiful windows that are now almost completely in place. Some have stone detail over them…at first I thought they were plaster but then decided that they are poured stone like the rest of the building. The slightly blue tinted glass with intricate designs should be beautiful when lighted from the inside. We will make another trip by the temple in December and hopefully the landscaping will be beginning to take some shape.

6 thoughts on “The Temple – a month later!

  1. Patricia Lowe

    Thanks for putting these photos up of the Ft Lauderdale Temple….should be Davie Temple. I lived in Davie when I was a child and have fond memories of it being out in the country… not any longer.
    My husband and I are on a mission too right now. We are in Lima, Peru. We are camera operators for and we take digital images of birth, marriage and death records in the National Archives of Peru in Lima.

  2. Judie Wheeler

    Was browsing through the news and clicked for your blog. Thank you! The windows are lovely. Had not seen photos yet. Live in Fla. looking forward to the tour. And being able to do a session! Thank you

    M thank you!

  3. Darrell Lewis

    Thank for sharing. It is always a thrill to see a new temple k owing the blessings that it will bring to the local area!
    *Just a quit observation, normally the Angel Moroni is facing East. If the front of the Temple is facing South, then Moroni is facing West?


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