Daily Archives: November 13, 2012

Weekly Letter from the President…

As I regularly mention, one of the highlights of the week is reading the weekly letter to the missionaries from President Anderson. His letters encourage, train and shares spirit lifting missionary experiences.

I love how you as missionaries are obedient, and how you follow promptings by the Spirit to those who are praying for you:

 â€œWe knocked a couple doors then went to the second level. A lady answered the door with a lot of happiness and excitement. After the prayer she looked at us with tears in her eyes and said she was going to a lot of different churches but knew none of them were right. She didn’t feel good about any of them and knew there was only one truth. She was praying to God to know where the truth was. She finally told God that He was going to have to send the truth to her. She was praying that night and she told us, ‘God sent me his truth and even on my birthday!’ I can’t put into words how amazing this experience was. The spirit was giving me constant goose bumps. She is preparing to be baptized on the 11th. She came the next day to church and brought her friend.”

 “Being obedient when we don’t know why at the moment will quickly manifest the miracle:

 â€œLast week as we were on our way to go see one of our investigators, we saw a guy walking down the street ahead of us. We stopped him and testified that we were sent there to find him. He paused for a moment and then said, ‘Now it makes sense. Just now I was watching TV and something was telling me to leave the house to go wait for my daughter’s bus on the street. I thought to myself that this will be the first time I’ll ever wait for my daughter to get back from school… so I did. And now I know why I was prompted to come here so I could meet the both of you.’ We testified to him that we were sent by Jesus Christ to find him so we could leave His peace and blessing on his home. He told us that he wanted his daughter to be part of that prayer. So we waited for his daughter. After she arrived we followed them to their home and left a blessing with them. Jason wept throughout the entire blessing. Right after the blessing he got up and hugged me and my companion. We could feel the spirit super strong in Jason’s home and the first thing we said was, ‘Jason will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and to be baptized?’ He accepted it with tears on his face. He and his Daughter came to church yesterday and they loved it. They are preparing to be baptized this week!”

 Your example of obedience and hard work will affect those who are watching you:

 â€œWe are really working super hard here and seeing a lot of success! We had 6 people come to church this week, which got the Branch more excited to work with us, and they gave us 8 referrals during church!! They have heard us say that we are going to work hard, but when they actually saw that we were is where they got excited!”