Isaac, Sacrament, and a baptism…

Thankfully – at least for Florida – Isaac has moved to the West and the eye will probably miss all of Florida except the Keys. However this is not of course good for wherever it ends up coming ashore. I have found it somewhat hard to pray that our mission might be spared when this means some other mission will be affected.

Last night we heard that there would be no 1 PM meetings and we should go to the 9 or 11 am meetings. Actually the only meetings that were held in our area were at 9 and that was only sacrament. It ended up that as soon as the sacrament had been passed it was announced that due to a major band of high winds and rain that the bishop decided to end the meeting and send everyone home. Mary and I can not remember us ever being in a meeting where there was just the sacrament and no speakers. But then we have never been in Florida when a hurricane was off shore.

But we did not go home! Elders Shaffer and Harral had a baptism for a woman planned and they were determined to hold it. So Mary played the piano, we sang one verse of a hymn, prayer bishop Pickard gave a short talk on baptism and the Holy Ghost, Jackie was baptized, one verse of a hymn, closing prayer and everyone headed home.

I have commented before on how most of the saving ordinances are simple and short. Once again as I was watching this amazing ordinance of baptism I was touched by the spirit as the power of the Priesthood, a simple declaration of purpose, and then immersion in water, changed the life of this woman for all eternity! The only robes were simple white garments, there was no elaborate ceremony,  and the whole ordinance took less than 2 minutes Рbut all the power and blessings of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were invoked.

We are winning!

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