A Month of Miscellaneous Pictures…

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In Africa and Indonesia we took pictures of exotic wild animals. In South Florida most of the time the animals we see are small and not too exotic…crocodile of course are not small and are exotic. The two lizards are special because they are black instead of brown or gray. I love the texture and color of the bark. Often when we walk out to our car or arrive home, these two cats are sunning themselves in the neighbor’s window. We also have a small dog as a neighbor that barks when we pass its window.

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Ducks, ducklings, egrets and other birds are also our everyday neighbors. I have recently started feeding them and it does not take long before the different species gather to take part.

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One of the fun things to do is to feed the turtles. For months we did not even know we had turtles in the lake but elder Sommerfeldt show a couple to me. Now when I go out to feed the ducks I throw some bread on the waters. Last night there were a dozen or more turtles at our feeding with one brave one coming up on the land to get his share.

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Of course being with the missionaries – young and old is one of the great blessings of serving a mission. The end shot is the Fort Lauderdale district..Elders Taylor, Wilson, Rasmussen, Beard (DL) Grant and Plowman. We meet once a week at the Fort Lauderdale chapel which is an older chapel that has a very mature setting. The seniors get together now and then…this is a picture at The Olive Garden where we had a farewell lunch for the Steimles who started for home on the 27th.

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One of the highlights of any mission is attending a baptism and feeling the spirit as some of God’s children start down the path that can lead to Eternal life. This family of three – with a forth joining them a week later – were fellowshipped by a member of the Weston Ward and taught and baptized by the assistants – Elder Hansen, Giorgino, and Kealamakia. Mary plays for the Weston baptisms. President and Sister Anderson – here with the Evans – go to as many as they can but with the whole mission baptizing most weeks they can only be at a few.

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Because of the announcement of another stake in Indonesia and a chat I had with Curt Roper,  I went back and looked through pictures from our first mission. Elder Tuxworth was one of those missionaries who always always a joy to be around because he was just plain good natured. I took this picture of Elders Whitmore, Roper and Thiemann on the day before elder Whitmore was to start to head home after a well served mission. We got to know Elders Roper and Thiemann while we were in the MTC and got to serve with them when we arrived in Jakarta about 3 weeks after they got there. The last picture is of one of our wonderful Extensive English classes on graduation day. All pictures from 2007…mission memories.

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