28 April 2012 – Man Plans – God Commands

I know I owe a whole lot of posts here but I have been lazy about posting but today we had an experience that I could not delay posting about so I will just put it in out of order.  Hopefully I will catch up the missing two weeks some time soon.




Man plans – God commands. 

We had planned to take a p-day drive up to Port St. Lucie to deliver a package but also just to get away from the house for the day. Of course when we woke this morning it started raining and it did not look like it was likely to stop. Since it is a two hour drive up there and another two hours back I was not excited about doing it in the rain. Just after we had decided that we would put our trip off for a more pleasant day, brother Silva from the Weston Ward bishopric called and asked if we could attend a baptism at 3:00 for a young man who’s family got baptized last Sunday. He asked if Mary could play the piano and if I would give a short talk on baptism. We of course agreed.

We decided to go shopping at Target to get some salami and other things and on the way home we stopped at the Bagel Store and had a breakfast/lunch. Mine was just OK and the next time I will go back to the chicken salad sandwich.

We went to the baptism and at 3:00 no one was there except ourselves, bishop Rampton and his wife and brother Silva. The assistants came about 20 minutes – elder Hansen was to do the baptism. Sisters Hong and Geest showed up a little later with a lady they had just met and invited to come see the baptism. While we were waiting for the family to show up bishop Rampton and I waited in the foyer and talked about different things. As we were standing there a man drove up and stopped opposite the doors and looked in to the building for a while before driving off. We thought that was a little strange and so when a few minutes later the car appeared again I went out to see if I could be of help.

I met Mark Zimmerman who said he was trying to decide if he should come in. He is a non-member who just got back from a conference of some kind in Salt Lake. I mentioned that we were there for a baptism and invited him in to watch. He said he was not a member and it was open for anyone to watch. So he came in and I introduced him to the missionaries.

A little later the family showed up and the reason they were late was because they were picking up a woman who is a good friend of the mother and they wanted her to see the baptism. 

The baptism service went well. There were 9 missionaries, 4 members of Weston ward, 4 members of the family who’s son was being baptized and 3 investigators. It made a nice size group. Mary played and I spoke about the baptism prayer and how special the words ‘having authority’ were! 

We found out before the service that it was originally set for 10:30 but if it had gone off as originally planned Mark Zimmerman and the investigator that the sisters brought would not have had the opportunity to see the baptism, feel the spirit and be introduced to the missionaries.

Men plan and the Lord commands.

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