One of the good things about going on a mission is you must get all your shots up to date. Today we went to the Utah County Health Department and had them check to see what shots we needed to make the missionary department happy. All we needed this time were TDap and Flu shots – one in each arm.

The only thing left for us to get before we enter the MTC is a copy of our driving records. Since we supply our own vehicle we guess that the Church just wants to make we do not have a lot of speeding or other tickets on our records.

Mary continues to take her Spanish lessons and was told today that starting next week she could be tutored for four hours a day starting next Monday. This is because we will enter the MTC the Monday after that. She is not sure she wants to spend that much time studying the language. I suggested that she does just two hours a day…but it is all up to her.

I looked at the weather in Fort Lauderdale today and it was 87 but because of the high humidity it felt like 97. That is taking heat and humidity to a whole new level for us.

2 thoughts on “Shots….

  1. Sandy Mickelsen

    You are right about the heat and humidity! We weren’t as far down the state as you are going to be, but it was hard enough where we were. The house the mission had for us was a old farmhouse, with only a portable window air con unit – enough said! At times, we would go to the public library just to cool off! We are looking forward to your blog entries. Love you both.

  2. Bill Post author

    Well it seems that we will have a very nice two bedroom apartment that has good air-conditioning. Our van has good air and we are guessing that the mission office does also so we should be able to survive most of the time.


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