01 July 2010


President and sister Vilane – we will miss these two wonderful Saints.


One of the joys of going to Port Durnsford is the quality of the roads that we go on to see some of the families. I managed to get stuck pretty well today but luckily I was very close to the Chirwa’s house and the young men came out and helped me push it out of the hole. My pants looked pretty much like the car!


We stopped in to see the Nzama’s before going to youth. Gogo Nzama was not feeling well so they took her to the hospital. As we were leaving Youth, the family stopped by and we were able to talk to her for a moment. Little did we know that within 12 hours she would pass away. A last shot of the Port Durnford chapel. Many wonderful memories of meetings on Sunday. Also we will remember the Youth we met with almost each Thursday. Notice how the sisters are all singing.


On the other hand the YM tend to try and hide. A last picture of the regular class along with a lot of Ayanda’s cousins. The view from the PD yard is always changing.

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