Daily Archives: July 4, 2010

04 July 2010


The RB Zone and our last chance to fill up some hungry missionaries. They really loved the tacos, refried beans, fruit salad and everything else we served. Some of them actually complained that they had much too much to eat. We love to hear that. Elder Brinkman is not trying to eat the plate in that last picture, just making sure he does not miss a single drop of food.

04-july-2010-elders-sparklers-dueling-sparklers.JPG 04-july-2010-elders-sparklers-sichinga-and-luwanga.JPG04-july-2010-elders-sparklers-musisi-and-others.JPG

When some of the elders talked about having sparklers for the 4th we asked around and heard about an Indian store that might have some. They were closed but the Richards Bay elders found an Indian family who gave them three boxes of left over ones. They were over 2 feet long and worked well – like the old kind before safe and sane. We all had a great time celebrating the 4th.

03 July 2010


Mary with her some of her piano lesson students. It was the last time here that she will be able to teach Lungani, Sazi, and Musa. However on Sunday Sazi and Musa played for sacrament which was a very special gift for her.


On this last Saturday we did see a number of families in Port Durnford. The three small Malondo children thought our names were ‘How are you’ because that is the way we always greeted them when we came to visit and go to church in the chapel in their back yard. We became great friends with Bongumusa and his family. He is very talented and dedicated to getting a good education and job so he can take care of his mother and sister.