16-18 November 2009 – Durban Trip

 For some reason I completely forgot to post any pictures of our trip to Durban earlier in the month. I had promised Sister Mickelsen that I would share the spice pictures below so I will take the opportunity to post a few others that I think are interesting.


They take their hot spices seriously here – Mary is glad they do not sell this spice in the US. I am sorry that we did not buy some of the KFC Spice to see if they really have the exact formula.


While we were at the B&B we saw these nests. The birds strip the palm branches and weave them into this really nice closed nest. Unfortunately they do this right over the swimming pool so the Rawlings must knock them down so the bird dropping do not disturb their guests. The last picture is our view out  door.


Sister Swazi-Wilson enjoying swinging while her husband is off bird watching. The Mickelsens do not have to go far for their morning fruit. This bunch of bananas is growing about 15 feet from their front door. Talk about fresh fruit! Tika is not at all shy about sharing the shade of our room.

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