28 November 2009 – Youth Convention


Enseleni branch arrived before we did so I took their picture. The other groups came one after another and quickly mixed and were impossible to gather together. Each branch made a banner depicting one of the virtues that are part of the theme for the year – here are four of them. 50 – 60 worthy youth and their leaders  came to the convention.


Each person who came got a T-Shirt. Ngeniswa, the District YW President was one of main organizers and conductors of the event. It was a great experience for her and the other District and Branch leaders as they put together a full day of activities. Nonhlahla is a YW leader in Enseleni and pretty much organized the branch for the event.



The youth were divided into four groups for the games and instruction. As you can see I asked for one or two nicely posed pictures and then let them have a wild one…they really can do wild!


The elders pitched in through out the day, but were especially helpful when it came to serving food. The water balloon toss was one of the favorites. If you managed to get wet, the warm day quickly dried you off.


One of the main reasons that the activity went so well was that there was an excellent turn-out of adult leaders. This shows three leaders from Esikhawini and Ngeniswa enjoying the food and the shade. President Vezi and his lovely wife provided the food. On Sunday at Port Durnford, the one thing the youth mentioned in each of their talks was the quality and quanity of the food. Just to show that elder did get to taste of their labors of serving, here is Elder Reeder chowing down.

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