Umfolozi Game Reserve

About an hours drive from Richards Bay is a couple of excellent game reserves. For our P-day last week we went with the Bartholomews and the elders from this zone to one of them. Here are some of the pictures…


The caution sign for the Big 5 – we only saw two of them this trip. The black wildebeest was just off the road and we did not bother him at all. We saw two large herds of water buffalo but neither let us get too close. However a giraffe decided that he wanted to use the road and walked right towards the cars. This picture does not indicate how big these animals really are. The big ones look like they could just step right over a car with no effort.


I finally was able to get a good shot of a beautiful guinea fowl. The warthog is definitely in pig heaven. These rhinos look peacesful but one of them made a move towards the cars and we all held our breath. We came across these zebras on our way out. They trotted along the roadside so they could get a good look at the strange creatures in the cans.


If you look really closely, you will see 8 strange animals in this tree. We were told not to feed the animals but we just could not resist feeding this group.

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