Our New Boarding…

Here are some pictures of our new boarding including a truck full of furniture that came out of a missionary boarding to get us started.


Our boarding is in the Birdswood sub-division where all the streets have something to do with birds. We live at #1 Hornbill. We have a large living room, kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a dining room. We have made one of the bedroom and part of another our office. Some day we hope to have our phone and internet there.

The picture of the front door does not show my start at gardening in South Africa. I have planted 5 coleus and 3 New Guinea  impatians under that tree. In the backyard I have planted a small but beautiful bouganvillea and an orange honeysuckle. Hopefully in 6 months or so they will be much larger – especially the coleus. Due to the weather, most plants grow all year round.

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