17 June 2008

17 June 2008 – Tuesday

Basically it was another yard working day. Lots of weeding and pruning – mainly on the North side of the house. The hill is not fun and once the sun hits it, it is time to quit. The temperatures are getting into the 90’s but the humidity is very low so as long as I stay out of the direct sunlight, it is not bad at all. Very different from Indonesia. Mary has been indexing for a couple of hours a day.

In the evening we went to Red Lobster for our anniversary dinner a day early. The coconut shrimp is as good as I remember but I found that 9 were too many of a good thing. Mary had lobster and shrimp and loved every bite. One of the tails was mushy so our very good waiter got her another one. It is nice to be able to communicate with the waiters and folks at the store. Mary has often mentioned how hard the sales folks in Indonesia tried to understand what those crazy bules were trying to explain to them. Sometimes they understood and sometimes they gave it their best shot – we were often surprised at the results of our ‘discussions’ with them. I am sure they went home and talked about those crazy foreigners that could not speak decent Indonesian.

For some reason we are not able to access our AOL e-mail account – it keeps saying that it is not available at this time. I can not figure out what is wrong but it is annoying. But not as annoying as the cough that continues to plague me. It would be wonderful to have at least one good night’s sleep.

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