20 February 2008


This is how they sell flowers at the traditional market in Bali. The color and variety makes for a wonderful experience. The flower seller stretch for about 50 yards.

This will be a real P-day because we do not have a car so we are spending the day at home. Getting back into exercising is always a challenge. I have sore muscles in a number of places but I went to the gym and went through a little longer workout. Hopefully in a week or two I will be back to where I was before.

I love being able to post on the blog from the apartment again. Today it let me post my journal but balked at the pictures so I went back later to post them. After the gym and breakfast we read 5 pages from the Kitab Mormon. We are getting to the Isaiah chapters in 2nd Nephi. Perhaps the reason the Lord put Nephi’s Psalm just before these sections is to remind us that we should not question the Lord’s choices – like why he had Jacob to read those passages of Isaiah and felt that Mormon should include them in the Kitab Mormon. OK so the term ‘Oh ye of little faith’ comes to mind and we will try once more to read and translate these chapters and pray to God that He will give us the ‘Gifts of Tongues.’

I have misplaced an important paper and this morning I prayed that He would help me find. I said I would diligently go through each piece of paper – and there are thousands of them it seems – and trust in Him to help me find it. So far I have not found the actual list I was thinking about but I found another list that I needed. I never did find the list I was looking for – it may be at the office – but I did get a lot of papers cleaned up and I might actually find things in the future.

The morning went by very slowly but the afternoon and evening whizzed by. Mary worked on the HS English class books that she is trying to assemble for all the couples and wrote some of the rules for some of the games that need explaining. My only contribution was to move a fw things around and punch some holes in some of the pages.

We read together two more times from the Kitab Mormon. I read and pondered some of 2nd Nephi’s Isaiah chapters in English. Some of them are very interesting and gave me some things to think about. But some just do not give up much without knowing the meaning of the imagery that the Prophet uses. Obviously Jacob knew what they meant and felt them important to those who were of house of Jacob.

We made arrangements for our trip to Central Java next week. We will be gone five days and will visit three cities. I am going to try to meet with the branch Employment Specialists from each branch to thank them for their work and to give them some training. I am hoping that it will improve the reports from the branches. Right now there is very little being reported and we are relying on the couples for information about people getting jobs.

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