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23 February 2008


Mary’s English Class from left to right: Mary, Ovi, Intha, Bryan. These young people give up 3 to 4 hours of their Saturday to come to the class and then they stay to have Seminary. Four on a bike is not unusual but I liked this picture because the young man in front was looking right at me as I took the picture.

23 February 2008 – Saturday

Scripture to ponder today: D&C 3:4 – about the loss of the 116 pages of the Book of Mormon. How often do I follow after the dictates of my own will instead of seeking the Lord’s desire. How do I learn when to seek Lord’s guidance and when should I ‘anxiously engaged in a good cause’ without being prompted? There is a lot to think about in this scripture.

I have decided to choose one scripture a day to ponder and see how I can liked it unto myself. I certainly need something to focus on that is outside my usual routine.

Woke early and after reading some from the Liahona went down to the gym for a brief workout. As always it was tiring but in a good way. A very regular morning – we read 5 pages from the Kitab Mormon. One or two verses really get us but over-all it goes well. I have always found Nephi’s comments on the Law of Moses rather interesting. It reminds me much of what Paul will say a few hundred years later but after the Law has been fulfilled in Christ.

We catch a cab to the office and we get a very nice driver who goes out of his way to help us. He is another 8 year star driver and is proud of it. I start to take a picture of his license and then decide that it might offend him – I do not know why I felt this way.

We spend the morning working on different things. I ask Sam to come in so he can do some errands for us. He and Anne come in and head off to get things done. Stupid me forgets to give him the CD with the pictures we want printed so we will need to do this on Tuesday when we are at the mission home. We call Daisy and she agrees to come and help Mary get the English books for the couples ready. That takes a big load off of her mind.

After lunch Mary teaches her HS English class and three of her four students show up. At least one of them has very good English and I am sure this is helping her quite a bit. I think I will help teach the next one – two weeks from now. We find that the Walkers probably can not help us with the class – they are just too busy on most Saturdays. Mary came up with a good idea that we hope works out. I would like to start the English classes in Tangerang. Perhaps Thursday night and then Saturday and Sunday. We need to see how many young people we might get.

While Mary taught the class, I started cleaning up files – both on computers and the three file cabinets we have. Some of the things in the files have been there for 5 years and are of no value. We still need to get another 4 drawer file cabinet for the English program. We want to leave both the Intensive English and the HS English class material in a well organized condition so our replacements can pick right up where we left off. The office is starting to look much better – but it would have been hard for it to look worse.

Unfortunately we do not have one come in for help with a job. We would really like to have some successes so that more people might hear about it and come in. We can not give them jobs but if they will follow our suggestions they have a much better chance to get one or get a better one.

After Mary finished her class, we caught a taxi and came home for a couple of hours before going back so Mary could play for district choir practice. I got Skype up and running but could not test it because no one was on line. I tried to listen to the latest Worldwide Leadership Training program but the DVD we got did not work. So instead I used the time to ponder the scriptures and to send off a couple e-mails that I had forgotten to send earlier. We ended the day by reading in the Kitab Mormon.

Thanks to the Lord’s prompting I was able to achieve my scripture goal for the day. I am thankful for His love and concern for me. I am afraid that often I get so caught up in what I am doing that I forget to thank Him for the simple but important blessings that He gives me.