21 December 2007

21 December 2007 – Friday

It was not a good night but I survived without losing too much sleep. I forgot to mention that yesterday was Il al-Adhas which is the Muslim day of sacrifice. The Mosques seem to be broadcasting about 20 out of 24 hours. It was not bad when there were one or two going but there were times when it seemed that all were broadcasting at full volume. Anyway I woke at 7:00 feeling OK but certainly not 100%.

Even with the late start we had time to read from the Kitab Mormon before Sam came by to pick us up. We headed out to one of the hotel schools that came highly recommended. Sam thought it would take about an hour and because some were still off because of the holiday, it took 20 minutes. I must say that it was not a very impressive looking school, but after talking to the owner and the manager, we came to understand why it was so highly thought of. It costs $1000 a year – which is quit a lot – but it seems to place about 80% of their students and they are trying to get it higher. It seems the problem is that there are some students who just do not get the idea that they have to work at work. The advantage of this school over the much nicer Bandung school is that they take almost everyone who fits their profile for success and has $1000.

After meeting with them I felt that good enough that I had Sam call Salim and ask if we could come home teaching. He said yes so we took the hour drive out to his home. His wife was gone for the week and Johan will not be back for a week so we just had a short visit with him. He is a good man who is very faithful and has been blessed. Hopefully his son and daughter will continue in their father’s footsteps.

We then came home and we have spent the rest of the day reading from the Kitab Mormon – a total of almost 4 hours today – napping, and watching a little T.V. Mary also worked on her talk for Sunday and prepared a nice dinner of omelets and hash browns. I decided I would eat it all and let my stomach do what it is going to do.

Our reading in the Kitab Mormon was Alma’s great lesson on faith to the Zoramite poor. It sings even in Indonesian.

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