20 December 2007

20 December 2007 – Thursday 

Other than an hour of discomfort and getting up a few times, I slept well. Went to the gym and almost no one was there. Of course it is a holiday here but not one where all the Muslims have the day off so things are closed. As usual the Christens take off on the Muslim holidays and visa-versa, so I imagine a lot of folks are off today. Sam is going to borrow our car so he can drive out to see his family. Due to things that will be going on in his branch he will not be able to go see them on Christmas day. 

Except for my small problem we had a good morning. We read more from the Kitab Mormon and are now about a day behind where we should be. Quite possibly we will be caught up by tonight. We are not going out at all but will work on English lessons and our talks. I wrapped Mary’s Christmas presents and so now we have a rather festive looking Christmas area.  

Daisy came to clean the apartment. She now has a full time job at the Area Office substituting for a sister who is going to have a baby. It will be perfect for her because it is only for a couple of months and hopefully by then she will have other opportunities.  

I got to feeling so bad that I decided to take a nap. Actually I laid down to read from the A&P but instead fell asleep. The nap did not help a lot – I am still tired and still not well. But it is only annoying and so I will be able to write some more English lessons during the day. 

To make the rest of the day short, I never felt good all day. But I did work on English, read from the Kitab Mormon and A & P. The Ajaran &  Perjanjian is as easy or easier to read than the KM. The ideas are repeated more often and there are less flowery sentences.

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