Moving Up

24 December 2006 – Sunday

Our first one in the mission field. We will go to the Sacrament meeting of the English branch and then all three meetings at an Indonesian branch. All with the Kanes and the Petersons. In the afternoon we will move out of the hotel into our new but temporary apartment in a deluxe highrise.

It is temporary for two reasons – we could not afford to stay in it for our whole mission and second because we hope to move into the Leishmann’s apartment in the same complex when they leave on January 26th. The cost for the one month is $2200 but includes everything but internet connection – which we will not have until we move again. Both apartments are two bedrooms, large livingroom, two baths and a kitchen. They are furnished and the one we have for a month includes maid service – which means we get clean sheets, towels and it completely cleaned each day. If we buy a new camera, we will send some pictures.

I am in my sleep for three hours – wake for two – and then go back to sleep mode. Mary is doing much better but still waking early.

A short note on traffic. It is worse than you can imagine. Not only is it crowded – they make three lanes where there is supposed to be three by driving down the middle of the street – but there are hundreds of motorcycles that weave in and out of traffic. What is amazing is that there are few accidents and honking is kept to a minimum. They know exactly the limits of their vehicles and everyone just keeps moving. Also there seems to be no road rage. The same kind of traffic in LA would be littered with dead and wounded.

Here is the address of the mission home: Indonesian Jakarta Mission, Jalan Senopati 115, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta 12190  Indonesia.

Our new apartment address: Bill and Mary Pier, Room 22-05 Tower Dahalia, Puri Casablanca No. 1, Jakarta 12870 Indonesia. Phone 021 8379 9888. You might need to find the country number for Indonesia…this is just the local area code, etc.

I am going to end this now before something happens and I lose all that I typed.  More later.

Love Mom and Dad

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  1. Cindy

    Hi! We are at Grandma’s house in California. THE kids have been having a great time catching up with the cousins. I finally finished the last of the wrapping and can relax. Yesterday we went to Olvera Street and soaked up some Latino ambience. We had great mexcian foods and were treated to some kind of Mayan blessing ritual in the local square. We finshed up with churros and then everyone separated to do shopping. Okay, only Tyler and CHristian needed to shop, but all of the boys went wiht, while the girls played.
    This morning we went to the Methodist chrush with the Elders so that we could hear Virginia and Carolyn sing. Complete with piano, drums, and flute, they sang a modern cantata and christmas songs and praise music intermingled. Now they boys are at grandmas helping set up for christmas eating and the girls, including me, are at Carolyn’s making cookies. Okay – we are watching a movie and Carolyn is at the grocery store buying ingredients – but we will be making cookies soon, I promise!
    We have not been around to set up Skype, but we will soon.
    Much love and Merry Christmas!


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