08 December 2006 – Friday

Our last day of regular training. The first half was quite good because we practiced helping new and less-active members. Our visit was to a woman who had not ever been active in her life. She got baptized because her mother went to relief-society. She was a pretty good volunteer and we were able to adapt our message to fit her needs. I did not feel it was great but adequate. The afternoon training was working with Ward and Stake Leaders and for anyone who had been in leadership positions, nothing new was introduced. However I am sure that the sisters probably learned from the lesson.

The best part of the day for me was the language training. We had a productive meeting with sister Tippetts and when it was done all those who were taking language training met together for a very short testimony meeting. I gave mine in Indonesian and as promised by sister Tippetts I could feel the spirit. So now I know that I can go and bear testimony of the gospel and the people will be able to feel as well as hear my words. It was very important to me.

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