The Buells in Indonesia

We have the opportunity to serve at the Provo MTC and one of the things we do is to host the senior humanitarian and welfare mission couples as they are trained for four days. One of the couples we were able to host a few months ago were Elder and Sister Buell who were on their way to Indonesia.

Since they arrived there they have been diligent in posting on their blog comments and photos from their mission experience. We love it because each post reminds us of our service there – the people, places and activities…

If you want to share their great experiences just check their blog and enjoy!

One thought on “The Buells in Indonesia

  1. Lee & Janet Feeney

    26 AUGUST 2017
    6:30 PM


    Hi everyone. Lee and I have been asked to put this year’s reunion together. We have decided to come a little farther north this year, to Farmington, UT. Station Park is a fairly new shopping/dining/entertainment area across the I-15 freeway from Lagoon. It is a really nice location with lots of shops, walks and parks, as well as eating establishments and a movie theater. Park Stone Wood Kitchen is one of its better sit down restaurants. It should be fun to try it out.
    Station Park is easy to get to. There is a Frontrunner station (Farmington Station) located within a short walk from the shopping area. If you prefer to drive, there is plenty of parking on the east or west side.
    I have attached maps of Station Park showing the location of the restaurant and the frontrunner station. I have also attached a map showing where to exit the freeway to arrive at the parking area.
    Please let me know as soon as possible, (by 8/8/2017) if you will be able to make it or not. We are looking forward to getting reacquainted.
    Please send us cel phone numbers and addresses so we have other ways to contact you.

    Lee & Janet Feeney
    4482 South 3475 West
    West Haven, UT 84401

    If you are coming from the south, take I-15 north to exit 322, Farmington, UT. Exit and continue north on 200 W to State Street. Turn left onto State Street. Follow State Street west over the Interstates. The road will veer to the right and then straighten out as it approaches Station Park on the Right. Pass the Movie Theaters and enter the parking to the right.

    If you are coming from the north, take I-15 south to exit 325, Park Lane in Farmington, UT. This is also the Lagoon exit. At the light, turn right and follow Park Lane to North University Avenue. Turn left and follow for short distance to Clark Lane. Turn left onto Clark Lane. The parking will be on the left.

    If you are taking the Frontrunner, the station is on the northeast side of the complex, behind Nordstrom Rack. You will walk across the parking lot to the other side on the south. The restaurant is by the Cinemark Theaters. If you would like us to pick you up, just call my cel and we will come get you. Be sure to logon to to get the Saturday Frontrunner schedule. The northbound train arrives at 6:22 pm. Depending on which station you leave from will determine what time you need to be at that station. Be there at least 15 minutes early. They do not wait for you. Trains depart southbound at 8:22, 9:22, 10:22 pm. If you have questions, let me know. We ride it quite a bit.

    If you have an email address and will send the attachments.


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