Cleaning Up an Overgrown Path

We have short paths that run up and down the changing elevations in our yard that can become quickly overgrown if they are not kept up. Here are some before and after photos of one of the short ones that runs off our driveway. It was almost completely hidden by the Oregon grape that loves to grow when unchecked but 30-45 minutes of clearing produced a useable – and I think interesting – path and a full 30 gallon trash can.

IMG_2080     IMG_2083

IMG_2081      IMG_2082 IMG_2079


This is the view from East side of our loft looking towards the front door. The plant you can see on the left is about 16 feet high and has been with us for about 25 years. The philodendron that is peeking out from behind the ceiling fixture was in the house when we bought it in 1983! It stretches about 10 feet into the room. You can see that we love green plants both inside and outside our house.

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