A Funeral in the Morning – Dance Practice in the Afternoon

The mother of one of the branch members passed away during the week and we attended the funeral. It was a Catholic service but I am pretty sure a US Catholic who saw the service would have been a little surprised. African funerals include lots of singing – like after each person speaks – there were 21 items on the program – and sometimes while they are still speaking. But important thing is that there is a good spirit there and neighbors, friends, and relatives from all over come to them. These pictures were taken at the cemetery because I was asked not to take pictures at the home.

IMG_8495 IMG_8496

In the program – it was beautifully produced – were a number of poems in English that basically were written to console those left behind. They mentioned that she was in a better place and that they should be happy for her and not mourn for long. The beautiful headstone – it was done in just 4 days – includes one of the poems.


The other event of the day was dance practice for the youth who are having a big dinner dance on the 21st of March. Some of the youth still have not come to any of the practices but those who do have lots of fun.

IMG_8498 IMG_8500

Their trainers are Meisie Ratema and Omphile Mokate and they do an excellent job. From the smiles on faces of the youth you can see that they are having a good time.  IMG_8501 IMG_8506 IMG_8508 IMG_8510 IMG_8512

This is a picture of president Kwaikwai showing his moves with young sister Khayne Lekebe. He said he was not a dancer but he seemed to be doing OK. One thing is for sure by the time practice was over everyone was really tired.


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