After Breakfast – Christmas Program and More Goodies

After breakfast we all went into the chapel where Sister Dunn mentioned that President Dunn asked her conduct. They are a perfect match and just right for the mission. The Ennerdale district was chosen to sing for the group – Elders Dutson, Thompson, Stilgoe and Gray did an excellent job of singing the parts.

Sis Dunn on stand Ennerdale singers, Dutson, Thompson, Stilgoe, Gray Meet the Mormons Mary helping

After the very short program president Dunn surprised us by showing “Meet the Mormons.” He used his contacts in the business to get a screening copy of the movie. The Tanzeen elders who saw it last night as part of their Christmas program were the first in South Africa to see the movie, and we were the second. All the elders got a sticker to put on the back of their name tags with all the important phone numbers – this was in case they got robbed and their phones were taken they would have the mission number to call for help.

Elders getting packet Johnson green bag

When the program was over all the missionaries filed into the cultural hall where they got a new lunch sack that was full of more goodies and a new mission binder that had all the important information about the mission. One of the elders took the short cut off the stage while elder Johnson let me take one more picture of him and his hat!


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