Transfer Pictures…Companionships and Where They Serve

Here are 52 pictures showing the transfers with the new companionships and the areas where they will serve for at least the next 6 weeks…

IMG_6985IMG_6986IMG_6986IMG_6986IMG_6987IMG_6988IMG_6989IMG_6990IMG_6991IMG_6992IMG_6993IMG_6994IMG_6995IMG_6970IMG_6971IMG_6972IMG_6973IMG_6974IMG_6975IMG_6976IMG_6977IMG_6979IMG_6980IMG_6981IMG_6982IMG_6983IMG_6984IMG_6954 IMG_6955 IMG_6956 IMG_6957_2 IMG_6958 IMG_6959 IMG_6960 IMG_6961 IMG_6962 IMG_6963 IMG_6964 IMG_6965 IMG_6966

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