President Anderson’s Letter – 8 June 2014

President Anderson has arranged so all the missionaries in the FFLM will go to the temple on June 20th. They will be in 4 sessions and after each one they will have a group picture taken in front of the temple. What a wonderful experience for the missionaries and President and Sister Anderson.

You are touching the heart of everyone that you declare with power and authority that we “represent Jesus Christ” and even when they don’t embrace it now, be optimistic that they will reflect and embrace it later:

“I got a call at the very end of personal study from a random number. I picked up and a lady in Spanish told me ‘Hi, you gave me a card to come to your church, but I don’t have a ride’. I told her we’d help her get there and asked if we could stop by to pray and share a scripture with her. She agreed and we went over later that day. Well when we got there, she opened up her purse to show us the card she had, and it was a chapel card, nicely folded with our number on it, but the names [missionaries from two years ago] were written on it! My companion and I were astounded that she’d been hanging onto the card for what must be almost 2 years now! The spirit finally prompted her to call, what a miracle! Turns out she used to go to church when she lived in Missouri… we will be teaching her and her 2 kids this week.”

Your power and authority will draw to the Church, and because of the kind of missionaries you are, you will continue to invite even after your release:

“Our most solid investigator came with his member friend, and then someone that we had harvested earlier that week walked into the chapel for Sacrament Meeting! We went up and started talking to him, and we asked him what made him come to church, and he said ‘Well, I told you guys I would come, didn’t I?’ It was awesome! And then the Sisters came to get us during Sunday School and said ‘There is an investigator who lives in your area who showed up to church today because a member invited her. She wants to be a member of the church.’ She attended the Ward yesterday, and we assigned her with a member friend. (Sister Jasmine Brown recent released FFLM). We were not able to stick with her during the Service, so we asked Sister Brown if she would invite our investigator to be baptized during church that day. She did, and our investigator accepted!!! Sister Brown told us over the phone that she had invited her to be baptized, and that she had already arranged to go and pick up our investigator for church the following Sunday. It sure is nice to have a Returned Missionary from your own mission to help you out. God truly blessed us yesterday.”

As we prepare diligently for the Temple, God will bless us tremendously:

“So after church and our miracle baptism, we went out to find our investigators who didn’t come to church and reset them with baptismal dates…. no one was home or picked up the phone. So it is 8:30 and we’re exhausted, but we know we have to give all of our diligence to the Lord to qualify for miracles and our revelatory temple experience on the 20th. So we pray and follow the feelings to an area we’ve never knocked. After getting rejected at a few doors, we knock into a man. He asks us if we can just pray outside because his little dog is inside. I’m not going to take that excuse, so I asked if he’d put the dog away and we could step in and bless his home. I’m so glad we were bold because it was one of the most powerful harvest blessings I’ve left in a long time! The spirit was so present and when we invited him to be baptized and he said  ‘I think so. Yes, I need to make that commitment to the Lord, because he’s changed my heart’. I was so glad that we chose to be diligent and that God answered our prayer that we said earlier that we would be blessed and be able to bless someone else’s life. I’m so excited to go teach him!”

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