We Are in Potchefstroom…

Well we made it to South Africa and are now in an internet cafe in Potchefstroom which is where we are serving. I will post pictures once we have our own internet connection because it is not wise to put a thumb drive in this computer. I learned that the hard way on our first mission to South Africa.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon after about 24 hours of travel and were met by President and Sister Omer who kindly took us to the mission home for dinner and a welcome night sleep. The next day we went to the mission office where the Bishops and Hillams oriented us, gave us a phone and a car and we headed off to Potchefstroom. The Omers guided us out of Joburg until we were on N12 which goes right to Potch.

Our boarding is a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a well gated community of nice houses. The Bishops did a wonderful job of providing us with furnishings and appliances as well as leaving us some food to eat.

On Sunday we went to church with the branch and met the elders in the area. Elder Bird is from Idaho and we found out that he is good friends with elder Pearce who just got home from the FFLM and was at our house to say goodbye just a week earlier. Another example of how small the kingdom is at times. Elder Rogers is from Mesa and we do not seem to know anyone he does.

The branch is small but the people are very strong. Unfortunately it will take weeks for me to remember people’s name unless the Lord grants me the gift of tongues and memory.
E/S Knowles have done a wonderful job of getting the branch settled in the new chapel which is in a school but where we have three rooms that are all ours and where we have a large room for a chapel. The elders set up and take down each Sunday and seem to really love the people and work hard.

We have spent most of our time getting to know the area, shopping for food and other things we need – we find new things each day. On Tuesday the 3rd we went out with the elders and started learning where some of the members live. We will start visiting with them later in the week or next week.

It is great to be back in Africa and lots of things are familiar. We grocery shop at Pick n Pay which we did in Richards Bay and it is about the same distance away. When we walked into the Mooi River mall we saw Mug and Bean, and other restaurants and stores which we had in RB. It is kind of a challenge at time to remember what side of the street to drive on. I find that especially true when I first pull out in the morning. But so far except for some stares I have managed to not do anything really bad.

Mary just told me that our friends the Taylors will be coming to the Joburg mission on the 10th and will serve here until they can get residency in Botswana. It will be good to see them again.

Well that is enough for now. Once we get our internal clocks set correctly we should be fine and I am sure more effective than we are now. It is good to be back in Africa serving the Lord.

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