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President Anderson’s Letter – 08 December 2013

One of the things I look forward to each week is reading President Anderson’s letter to the missionaries. I am especially anxious to read the spiritual experiences from the missionaries that he shares..

You show your faith when you open your mouths invite them to keep commitments:

 â€œWe went to go see a less active/recent convert on Tuesday. He wasn’t home the first time we knocked so we went to Harvest around his home. We were able to meet some amazing people including the first door we knocked, who also is a member that we had been looking for, awesome. We were about to leave the area and head to our next appointment but then we saw a young man down the street. We OYM’d him and it was the less active we had been looking for! He was as happy to see us as we were to see him. As we talked WITH him we were able to gain his trust and he said, ‘Hey, I have a friend that I have been wanting to bring to church with me.’ He went in to get his phone to call his friend and when he came out of his house – his friend that he wanted to introduce us to – walked right up! We were able to have a really powerful lesson with both of them and left them with the Book of Mormon. When we invited him to be baptized he said, ‘I’m going to do everything in my power to be baptized on that day. That’s whats up – I need more faith.’ He came to church on Sunday – he loved it and is preparing to be baptized!”

You show your faith by teaching with power so that those we teach want to change:

“The first awesome blessing we saw this week was from a lady. She came to church last week and loved it. We taught the Word of Wisdom with such power and authority (the spirit.) After the services she suddenly disappeared, we couldn’t find her all of last week. We tried her house, we called her phone, passed by almost every day. It seemed as if Janice had dropped us. Something told us not to drop this daughter of god. Sunday rolled around, and the spirit prompted us to call and see if she was going to come to church. Miraculously she answered the phone. We were informed that after feeling the spirit testify to her of the Word of Wisdom, she checked herself in to a rehab center. She said she didn’t wait, but did it right after church. She had been addicted to drugs all her life and had tried to quit for many years. She had finally given up until she heard the message of hope that we bring. The perfect example of why Jesus Christ came to the earth to suffer was demonstrated to us as we listened to her story of restoration. The power of god is manifest in all our works, and it shines through us as his representatives.”

You show your faith by following the promptings that lead you to those who have prayed for you to find them: 

After… , we found a couple. They never open the door to people because of the things that have happened in the past to them. But they did this night. He was a bit apprehensive, but let us in anyways and asked us a series of questions about why we were there and who we represent. He is a big believer in God. As we spoke to him, he softened up more and more and began to tell us about his experiences. He use to attend the LDS church years ago and liked it a lot. But then apparently came across some anti information. After the prayer, we began to testify and invite… As I listened on, he shared a dream that he’d had a couple weeks prior to our visit about 2 young women that came to his door  and brought the word of God to him. He even dreamt that one of us would be wearing the same color that ny companion was indeed wearing. It was awesome. His wife even testified that he had shared his dream with her when he had it!!”

We Had a Party…



We had a great FFLM RM Party on Sunday…we had over 30 RMs, spouses and friends. I think everyone had a great time. I know we did. Thanks to all those who came and we hope those who did not make this one will be able to come in January…