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One of the great things about being grandparents with grandchildren serving on missions is getting to read their e-mails about their experiences…I do not usually post them here on our blog but this one from our grandson serving in a newly re-opened area in the Spain Malaga mission was so spiritually uplifting, I felt a need to share it…

Hola familia!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, Motril is official open for the preaching of the word of God! And it´s totally amazing. Let me just tell you of some miracles I´ve seen in the last five amazing days. Since the day we arrived, the Lord has been blessing us non stop. It´s so amazing, and so crazy to see how the Lord works and prepares the hearts of the people. A huge testimony builder. So check this out. We get here and are looking through the old area book. We see a name and call her, named Trinidad. She says we´re too late because she moved to Madrid and got baptized. Not the worst news in the world, but then she gives us the number of her friend Toni. We call him and set up to see him the next day. When we teach him, he has already read the Book of Mormon and knows that it´s true, we teach him the restoration and he understands it and accepts it right there. The next day we teach him the Plan of Salvation and he says that it has answered every doubt and question he´s ever had! He agrees to be baptized but wants to wait until the new year. Yesterday we teach him the word of wisdom and baptism and confirmation. He agress to be baptized in two weeks. I¨m freaking out. The Spirit is super strong. And we´re having a baptism on the 2nd of November!
Other miracle. Friday night we were walking around knocking doors and contacting everyone. We ran into a man who was a strong believer and we ended up tlaking to him for about an hour and having a lesson with him right there in the street. He said he wanted to learn more and we agreed to come by the very next morning. When we went by, turns out he had given us a false address and number. However, I had some inspiration. I knew that when people lie when giving directions, they usually tell the correct street, but a false number, or at least a street that is close by their real home. So I knew that the man would be around the area, so we decided to knock all the doors in the whole street until we found him. From the very first door, we found someone that knew him and led us to another area where someone else knew him. Those people then led us to a different lady who was know in that area as being religious, and they suggested we teach her. Turns out that she was an old investigator that wasn´t in the area book. Miracle! Then after the lesson with her, she took us to meet her daughter in a nearby store, and guess who was standing out front with his friends? The man from the other night. Other miracle! It was super cool to be guided by the Spirit like that and to see the fruits immidiately. Things don´t usually happen like that, so it was a really cool experience.
The branch is quite small. In total there are 43 members, but there are about 8 active members, and with us, there´s now ten. But we´re going to be changing that! The Branch President is Andres Izquierdo, and he´s totally insane. I love him! He´s got a lot of passion for the work and HUGE desires to help the area grow. He´s got a real fire in his eyes for missionary work and wants nothing more than to help the branch here in Motril grow. Nothing to him, except his wife and children, matter more. Not even work! He´s a big inspiration to me becuase he understands the importance of hte Lords work. They´re building a new chapel and it should be finished by new years. It´ll be a whole lot better with the new chapel becuase right now we meet in a piso. It´s not the most glamorous thing, but it´s what we have. Soon however, the Lord will bless us with a new, beautiful chapel in a much better location. So, if you would please, please pray for the construcion of the chapel to go smoothly and swiftly!
This email is super long, I´m sorry. I´m super duper pumped right now. Elder Peroni works super hard, and is super obedient, which is a super relief. After all the ridiculous problems from my last area, it´s nice to not have to deal with any of that. Just being a normal missionary with a companion with the exact same desires as me: work hard and baptize! I can´t wait to see what the Lord will help us accomplish here. I feel kind of like Ammon. Going to a new land, with only the desire to be an instrument in the Lords hand. Let´s see what He can do with me! I bet great things, because for the Lord, all things are possible.
I love you family! Be safe this week and look for opportunities to be an instrument in the Lords hands! And remember to just be happy like Elder Pascua! Love love!
Elder Webb

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