We See the Bishop and Start the Paperwork…

Mary needed to see Bishop Tanner to get her temple recommend renewed so we used the opportunity to ask him to go on line and start the paperwork (computer work?) so we can apply for our next mission. We hope to start serving sometime in January or February of next year.

We have never asked for any assignment – we just say how much we can afford a month and how long we want to serve. Then like the young missionaries we wait to open the envelope from the missionary department to see where the Lord wants us to serve. However this time we are going to ask that if it is possible we would like to serve outside the US or Canada.

If anyone would like to make a guess at where we might be called to serve, we would love for you to know your thoughts. I would mention that each of our missions have been where it is hot and humid and near an ocean…hopefully it will stay that way because we get enough cold winters here in Provo.

2 thoughts on “We See the Bishop and Start the Paperwork…

  1. Regina Pearce

    Hello Brother & Sister Pier,

    I read that you were putting your mission papers in soon. I have a feeling you may be called to the Caribbean islands. Now that would be wonderful if you got called to labor there. It is so nice to see the updates you still post. I hope you get photos of the new transfer today July 3rd. Our son Elder Pearce was just made a trainer. So we are anxious to see who his new companion is.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Les & Regina Pearce

  2. Jana Loucks

    Hi again Bro and sister Pier:
    Funny story…we had a man in our ward tell us that he met a couple in Nauvoo that had served a mission in Ft Lauderdale recently and that they are going back to Ft Lauderdale. I’m just wondering if it is you?! That would be so wonderful if you got to go back. We loved your posts so much and I know our son loved you too!! Could you please email me at jana.loucks@msn.com and let me know. We would also like to meet you!! We are friends with the Stegelmeiers in Morgan and they said they got to see you at your homecoming. Thanks for all you do!! Jana Loucks, momma to Elder Loucks


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