Experiences from President Anderson’s Letter…

This week’s experiences focus on two principles that President Anderson taught in conferences and specialized training meetings over the last months. I am glad so many of you find them as uplifting as I do…

Using our members as part of the journey will get our investigators to their destination of baptism:

“We were thinking and praying this past week about how we could get one of our investigators to church and we decided that we needed to take over a certain older couple from our ward. As we took them over, they automatically hit it off because they are going through a lot of the same things. The brother that we took over has stage four cancer and is slowly dying and there is nothing that they can do about it. Although he has this challenge, he and his wife are both really happy people. Our investigator saw how happy he was even when he was so sick and she wants that exact same thing. The couple that we took over went and picked her up on Sunday morning, took her on a chapel tour, and took her home to eat between sessions. It was awesome to see that as we followed inspiration on who to take over we received the blessing and accomplished what we set out to do.”

As we magnify the great titles of missionaries, “Healers of Souls” for example, we will be able to change hearts and lives:

“We had an amazing experience yesterday acting as ‘Healers of Souls’. We knocked on a door and DJ opened it and before we could say anything told us, ‘Come on in, I have some time for you’. He told us his story about his girlfriend cheating on him and using him and he explained he had let his anger go and told us that he had an inescapable darkness and weight upon his heart. We promised him peace and a release from this during the blessing. We told him to focus on this peace. After the blessing he had tears and accepted the date without hesitation. He told us, ‘If you go the rest of the day and everyone slams the door in your face and you feel like you haven’t made a difference, know you have changed my life this day. I was going to go pour sugar in her engine later tonight, but now instead, I am going to go return the funnel and get my money back. I don’t have any anger in my soul’

The journey of progressing them to baptism will always result in miracles as we allow God to take us there with testimony and the Spirit:

“On Monday this past week my companion and I went to visit the family of 6 that we were lead to the previous week. We called a member that had introduced himself at church on Sunday and asked if he would come with us. He told us that it was his day off the next day and he actually wanted to get to know the family better. We showed up and the wife answered the door. She told us that her husband was asleep and that we would have to reschedule. We then introduced our friends that we brought along and told her that they wanted to get to know them better after meeting her on Sunday. We expressed our testimonies to her and she let us in to meet with her without her husband. The members were key in getting into the door. One of the amazing tools that we have learned to use as missionaries is identifying the spirit. We talked with her about church and she remembered the wonderful feeling that she had. We testified that that was from God and that he wanted her in his church. We reviewed the doctrine of Revelation with her and what the spirit’s role is in that process. By the end of the lesson she was committed to be baptized this Sunday. When she was committed we taught her another commandment that would help her receive more revelation, the word of wisdom. As we recounted Joseph Smith’s first vision she felt the spirit she accepted it right away and promised to stop drinking Coffee and Tea. It was great to see her feel of the spirit and make commitments. Then we set up an appointment for Wednesday. Wednesday rolled around and we went by again with our member and we had a great lesson planned to teach the whole family. We ended up teaching the doctrine of the Gospel with a wonderful parable that related perfectly to them. The spirit was so strong as they understood the Doctrine of Christ. That is one thing that I have learned. As people understand eternal truths they are so much more desirous to act. After teaching that we taught them all the commandments that they needed to know and they committed to them all. It was such a wonderful experience. Friday we brought the whole family to another members home to have a family home evening. Their friendship was essential. They bonded quickly and their children had a blast together. After a spiritual powerful lesson and teaching the rest of the things that they needed to hear, they were so excited, and the whole family got baptized on Sunday. The Bishop and members were in tears during the service.”

I love the power we have as missionaries as we link ourselves to the vision of who these great souls can become. God will give us power and answers to all things as we become obedient:


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