Packages, People and Ornaments…

 The days after Christmas can be hectic around the office but thanks to all the couples chipping in Wednesday and Thursday went smoothly.

26-dec-12-packages-keep-arriving.jpg 26-dec-12-bottle-package.jpg 26-dec-12-star-wars-on-tree.jpg

An important package came in for elder Thorne and the most unusual of the season came in for elder Webb. Mary showed off the beautiful Star War ornaments that were hand made by our grandchildren and friends on the office tree.

26-dec-12-mary-working.jpg 26-dec-12-thorne-taylor-rellaford-rondo.jpg 26-dec-12-bare-and-daughter.jpg

I am not sure why Mary was checking her watch when I took this picture – maybe she wondering how long it was before lunch? Elders Thorne, Taylor, Rellaford and Rondo dropped in to pick up elder Thorne’s package and ask elder Bare about a problem with their car. E/S Bare had one of their daughters with them for Christmas. She made the mistake of coming into the office and of course we put her to work – she was happy to help.

27-dec-12-free-smoot-mary.jpg 26-dec-12-ornaments.jpg 26-dec-12-angry-bird-1.jpg

On Thursday elders Free and Smoot came in while on an exchange. Elder Smoot scored some mail that included a Subway gift card…from what I understand from talking to some of the missionaries, they love food gift cards – especially for Subway and Chili’s. There is a tradition where I go out on the morning after Christmas and buy some Hallmark ornaments at 50% off. This year I got Mary three Hallmark and two Shore ornaments…later I could not pass up this Angry Bird ornament…ho, ho, ho.

27-dec-2012-sunset-on-clouds-3.jpg 27-dec-2012-lights.jpg 27-dec-2012-lights-4.jpg

Just as the sun was starting to set I went for a walk and took these pictures. About 5 weeks ago they were planting trees and somewhere along the line they cut the power to the lights on the fountain. Tonight they were back on and with a full moon in the background it was too good a picture to pass up.

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