A Different View of the Temple…

 We went to Vista View Park which is just East of the temple site and went to the top of the hill to take pictures. I am pretty sure that the hill is a well settled landfill or what is affectionately called a ‘trash mountain.’ Whatever is under the ground the hill is probably 100 to 150 feet high which makes it perfect for taking pictures of the temple with a gated community in the foreground. Lots of water, trees and grass allowed for these great looking (he says modestly) of the temple.

15-dec-2012-temple-east-bright-white.jpg 15-dec-2012-temple-east-long-canal.jpg 15-dec-2012-temple-wide-water-east.jpg

dec-2012-changing-lanes-good-close-up.jpg 15-dec-2012-temple-front-east.jpg 15-dec-2012-temple-steeple-window-detail.jpg

After taking pictures at the park, we went down to the temple site and got shots of the beautiful detail of the windows on the steeple. The detail is amazing and should be even more beautiful when lighted from the inside at night.


This is the North side of the steeple with the window and Moroni against a darkening sky.

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