07 April 2012 – P-day – Savior of the World

I was going to write about what has to happen after transfers were finished but it would not really make sense to anyone who was not involved. So I will just say that the last days have been filled with getting the records to agree with what changes were made in leadership, companionships, apartment, vehicles, telephones, and I am sure some things I have already forgotten about so that the mission can run smoothly for another 6 weeks.

Today was P-day and so we did our shopping and some house cleaning but mainly spent the day relaxing. The shopping included going to Mary’s favorite store – Second Edition Book Store where she picked up her supply of used books for the next month to 6 weeks. I made the mistake of going in with her – if I want to read something I usually just pick up something she has bought – and of course finding something I had to read.

cimg3736_2.jpg  cimg3735_2.jpg cimg3740_2.jpg

On the way home from the bookstore, we stopped at a huge nursery who sells mostly wholesale but also has a retail area. Anyone who knows me knows that I am always looking for another plant. This time it was a beautiful bougainvillea for just $10. Mary is just hoping that on the way home there will be some room in the van  for her as well as the plants.


The price of regular has finally crossed the $4 line. Still lower than some states and a lot less than they pay in Europe but still somewhat of a shock to see it at that price. I often remark that when I was starting to drive the price of gas was 4 gallons for $1 and now it is $4 for I gallon. But then I remember that at the same time I dreamed of having a job that paid $10,000 a year because that sounded like a fortune!

In the evening we went to be greeters for those coming to the Fort Lauderdale Stake Center to see the last production of ‘The Savior of the World.” It was a 50 minute play/show about the events surrounding the resurrection of the Savior. The stake had asked the senior missionaries to greet the people as they came in. We served last night with the Beagleys. Mary took care of will call and I took tickets and greeted people. They expected the show to be completely full but it turned out to be only about 75% filled. I guess people reserved tickets and then found something else to do. However a lot of members brought non-LDS friends and many took Book of Mormons – we had them in English and in Spanish – as well as other pamphlets. It was a very well done production with some excellent singers. I hope that people went away feeling more of the spirit of Easter and the resurrection.

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