Pictures…Granddaughters Young and Younger….and other things

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Our beautiful and colorful granddaughter Gentry – that is her in the middle – went with a group of her friends to the Hari Krishna Holy Festival of Colors and obviously greatly enjoyed every colorful moment that they were there. Ah the joys of being young. I wonder what the car looked like when they all got out at home?

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Pictures of grandchildren that I came across during the week and wanted to put on the blog so I could always find them.

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On the way to Church on Sunday the 25th we finally saw the famous alligator that occupies the canal that runs near the Plantation chapel. We had heard about it from President and sister Anderson but had not seen it before. It was bigger than I thought it would be. The cultural hall has been off limits for a few weeks as they prepare the scenery and lighting for the stake production of ‘Savior of the World’ that will run the Friday and Saturday before Easter. They are also painting the chapel but I think this is just a happy coincidence because of regularly scheduled re-furbishing. One man was on the scaffolding but the other was using a roller with extensions that must have been 20-25 feet long…it did not look very effective to me but he seemed to handle it well.

cimg3682.jpg cimg3683.jpg  

Elder Conger has been playing the piano for district meeting his rotation. He may not be technically perfect but the spirit is great. Elder Grant and elder Plowman getting ready for the meeting.

cimg3686.jpg cimg3687.jpg cimg3690.jpg

While out walking around the complex in the cooler early evening we saw this beautiful and unusual sky and I had to take a number of pictures. I also took another picture of the fountain as seen through the twisted trees. I still have not got the one I really want but I have another year to get it right.

cimg3691.jpg cimg3693.jpg

On another walk I took this picture looking East down the lake towards our apartment way down at the other end…but it is not visible from here. The yellow tree blossoms are almost past their prime and many of the trees have already lost most blooms. This one shined in the late morning sun. Notice how blue the sky is…the last few days have truly lived up to the motto of being the ‘Sunshine State.”

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