St Lucia – Last Visit


I thought that it should read – Offenders will be eaten!


This is the granddaddy of the area – over 10 meters long and weighs in over a ton. At least that is what the guide said.


This is just a little guy who was about 2 meters long. We were able to get within about 10 feet of him without his blinking an eye.


This is the same little croc but oh what big teeth it has.


Best shot of hippos during the trip – notice the different size young ones. The smallest is less than 3 months old.


Five birds – four different varieties. I enjoyed seeing so many beautiful water birds as much as I did the hippos and crocodiles.


We saw lots of red duikers on our last two trips to St Lucia but this was the only one that stayed still long enough to get a picture. The duiker is a very small antelope and this one was about 2 feet tall – smallest we have seen. As soon as I tried to move closer it was instantly gone.


No trip is complete without a picture of a herd of zebras.


This female kudu posed for us just about where a male did the last time we were in St. Lucia. They are beautiful and majestic animals and, other than the Eland and the Wildebeest, is the largest antelope we have seen in South Africa.


After the beautiful Kudu the stately but ugly Warthog!

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