29 June 2010 – Waiting Pictures


As I went in to get some maps made I saw this line for pre-paid electricity…it was longer when I came out and I imagine tomorrow – the last day of the old rates – it will be even longer.


I am not good at waiting so I started taking more pictures. I thought the coffee/tea break cart full of cups was rather interesting. A woman pushed it around with pots of coffee and tea – she seemed to be a better waiter than I am.


The circus is back in town. I took this from the second floor balcony. BTW the second floor here would be the third floor in the US.


As always the elephants were a big draw. Although they are not as exciting as seeing them in the wild, these two were not chained but were allowed to move freely around in an area enclosed by what appears to be an electric fence.


This shot shows the circus and if you look carefully you can see the bay on the Indian ocean. We are going to miss Richards Bay and all the wonderful people that live here.

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