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Today – May 18 – we spent part of our P-day exploring the harbor area of Richards Bay. We had lunch at a nice restaurant at the edge of a small boat harbor. It reminded us of when we lived in Redondo. The beach near the harbor is not very wide and today the only people we saw there were people surf fishing. Watching the breakers roll toward shore again took us back to Southern California.


Last Friday we went around Port Durnford and visited the members. One of our stops was a homestead where either 4 or 5 generations of a family live. The matriarch of the family is 97 years old and full of life. I have a video of her dancing for us. I bet she was a wild young lady who could dance all night. The homestead was humble but each small house was neat and all of the trim on the house was the same rich orange. The gogo was sitting outside on the blanket you can see in the background enjoying the sun.port-durnford-may-2009-road-from-chirwa-homestead.JPGport-durnford-may-2009-chirwa-family-2.JPG

This picture shows the ‘road’ going away from the Chirwa homestead. It seems to me to be like the track the pioneers made as they passed over the praire in the summer of 1847. Sister Chirwa is the excellent Relief Society president for the Port Durnford branch. This shows her with some of her children and grandchildren.

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  1. Cindy

    Wow – after a drought, a flood! Of information, I mean. After getting familiar with the daily missives in Indonesia, it has been very different hearing so little this time around.

    Fishing from the beach huh – I remember playing on the beach while you guys did that with Dona and Nana all the time in Redondo – and getting hit in the face by waves!

    ANd so up close and personal with the animals – it probably can get really scary some times, because there is no way to predict what a wild animal is going to do.


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