We were ‘that close!’

I know what Maxwell Smart often felt like. This morning – Wednesday – we were scheduled to finally get our DSL line so we could get on the internet. When the installer arrived he looked around and found that there had never been a phone in the boarding. 

If they had above ground phone lines this would not have been a big problem because they would have just strung a line to the house. However Birdswood – that is the name of our sub-division – is a modern place with below ground utilities.  This means that while the phone company will run a line to their junction box, it is the owner who must run conduit from the junction box to where they want the phone to enter the house.

So since there was no conduit, we did not get our phone line and therefore no internet. Hopefully this problem will be solved by next week and the very nice service man said he would come back as soon as we call him to say we are ready for him. Until then we will check our e-mail courtesy of our dear friends elder and sister Bartholomew who are looking after the new kids on the block.

I should mention that as of today we have been in Richards Bay for a full month. We have become so comfortable here in that time that it seems like we have been here much longer. We love working with the two branches we are assigned and the wonderful members who are so willing to learn and to serve.

Thanks to all of those who regularly send us e-mail about what is going on in families and our home ward.

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