Misc Pictures of the Week


Along one of the dirt roads we drove through hundred of yards of huge Cosmos. Some of the plants were over 7 feet tall. The pictures can not really do the scene justice. So even a humble homestead such as that in the picture on the right has this beautiful garden around it.


We have been trying to remember to take this picture of our Happy Valley Hotel sign. It is right where we turn off the main road for our boarding. When we drive past it for the last time on Monday, we will Be Missing it Already also. I thought the sign for the car shower instead of a car wash was an attention getter. On Friday we drove past the major wreck we have seen. There was another car off the road to our left. It did not look like anyone was really seriously hurt. The last picture is a set of concrete towers that seem to be part of a hotel or guest house near our boarding that always draws our attention as we drive past.

And that is it from Swaziland

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