Discovering Memories

04 January 2009

One of the things I am doing to get ready to go on our mission is to clean up and clean out most of the drawers and cabinets in areas that will be available to our house sitters. I am doing this for three reasons. First so they have someplace to put their own things. Second because most of the areas I am cleaning up are a mess and have not been cleaned for years. Third because some things are personal and I really do not want to share.

All this cleaning has led to the discovery of many memories. Just this morning as I was going through some files I found a letter to Mary from Brian that was very sweet and unfortunately undated.  A Edgemont 11th Ward newsletter from June 1993 that had Jim’s mission address. Also it included the announcement of the return of the Jamisons and the Hoopes from being mission presidents. But the best part is that it has the logo that Jim drew and was used on all the newsletters for a number of years.

As I rearranged the display cabinets I came across a number of keepsakes that I did not recognize and so I could not remember where we got them and why. Some Mary knew the why and where but others we could not come up with any information. It is too bad that we have so many things that we can not attatch to an experience so we can not relive the memories they might bring if we could.

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