11 July 2008

11 July 2008 – Friday

I did not do a lot in the yard today. Mainly I put in the other 12 volt lighting system around the lower patio. It went much faster than the one I did down by pond yesterday. In the evening as I looked at how much it adds to the night time look, I decided I would get more for other parts of the yard.

Steve Gibson had invited me to go to lunch with him and I chose to go to Applebee’s so I could have their grilled chicken oriental salad that I have been looking forward since we got back. We had a good time talking about our mission and a new book Steve is working on to help people with less education start their own business. So I had a great meal – the salad was as good as I remembered it – and good company. It is hard to ask for more. While I was at lunch with Steve, Mary went out and did a lot of errands that really needed to be done. She had lunch at The Bamboo Hut – they have won-tons that she really likes.

After blowing all of our money for lunch on Wednesday we had a very inexpensive date night. Since we needed to go to Costco we had dinner there – Polish Dogs and Churros for $5. Then it was to the dollar show to see ‘What happens in Vegas’ – a movie Mary really wanted to see. It was very predictable but still fun. The language could have been toned down without affecting the movie. It is a shame that some people think that ugly language is necessary to sell a movie.

It was still light when we got home so I went out and enjoyed reading under the oaks. It is so peaceful and beautiful there. I feel like I am living in a private park with fountains and fauna. I forgot to mention that earlier in the day as I was walking through the yard, there was a doe standing in the Turley’s yard and we stared at each other for a while. I did not come in until it was too dark to read.

It was such a nice day that I was uncomfortable about having this many blessings when so much of the world must struggle day to day to just feed their family. Steve quest to help others become self-sufficient and break the cycle of poverty that has gripped their family for generations seems to me to be very important and satifying.

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