2 1/2 weeks in Indonesia

[Note: this text was sent by email to everyone. I am posting it on the blog it is saved here, too. –Jim.] 

We have been out of touch with all of you only because we do not have a reliable Internet connection yet. We have no connection at the apartment where we are living this month. I am using the connection in the Leishman’s apartment which we will be moving into on the 26th. After that we should have reliable internet connections.

The internet connection at our office at the church appears to be a hard line connection which is still running on the line which was broken after the earthquake near Taiwan. We seem to be able to reach the Church site in the United States, but then we can’t get in any farther. It tries to connect to another page, but usually takes at least half an hour.

So for now, we are still learning our new jobs and seeing what we can do. We sat in on an English class at a small University this morning. They want us to give an English conversation class to their faculty, so we will try that on the 26th. Bill is planning to give them some reading (Shakespeare) the week before and then we will discuss it with them. It should be very interesting because I believe their language skills vary quite a bit.

On the 27th we will be assisting with a Career Workshop in the Tangerang branches. (West Jakarta) I think next week we will start teaching the English classes which Sister Leishman has been teaching. This Sunday we will be going to Church in the Jakarta Raya branch. They have 2 baptisms scheduled.

Both the Tangerang and Raya branches meet in office buildings. The Church portions of the buildings extend over 4 floors with the Chapel on one floor, offices on another, and classrooms and multipurpose room on the other two. From the  outside you would never know there was a Church there. When we get back on the Internet regularly I will send pictures.

So far the most fun we have had is meeting in District meetings with the young missionaries. They have great spirits. Two of the young men we met at the MTC are in the Tangerang branches so we get to see them each week.

When we first got here we went to the store to buy some things that we
needed. They had really cheap hair dryers and I spent a whole four dollars for one. Well, today, the motor burned I so I guess I really got my money’s worth. Tomorrow I will try to buy another one, but this time I think I’ll spend a little more.

Mike, we did not get your e-mail. That is why we did not answer. Please
send it again. I hope everything is going all right.

The rainy season here sure has fizzled out. It rained the first week and part of the second week we were here, but we have seen no rain at all this week.

Well, while I still have a connection I will send this off. We love you and miss you all. I am really looking forward to more regular communications with you after the 26th. Ed, thanks for your e-mail. I’m glad to hear that
Ralph and Anne are doing well. Please tell them all hello from us. If you can send us their e-mail address I will write to them also. Bob, do you have Hal Lonas’s e-mail address. He has been very reliable in sending us Christmas cards and I couldn’t find his address the night before we left. I would like to write him.

Love, Mom

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