Two Days

Wow Friday the 13th and so far – knocking on wood here – everything is going well.

Except for spending a number of hours trying to get some Indonesian to stick in my head, about the only things that happened on Thursday that are worth mentioning is that we spent part of the day at the lawyers starting to get everything in order. Then we went to our language lesson. And finally  I went and visited Cline Black and tried to visit a couple of other of the sick or single members of the ward. I enjoy doing this.

In the evening Mary went to play the organ at the temple and I did almost nothing except catch up on some TV series I like. I think since we are not going to be watching any for 18 months, I am trying to cram a lot of TV in these last few weeks.

The morning went by rapidly because I was finishing up a novel. I was going to work in the yard but when I went out I saw a couple of beautiful dahlias and decided to take them to a couple of sisters in the ward. A deep purple one went to Marilyn Alexander who is recovering from her knee operation. I took a huge white one to Sister Watkins who just got out of the hospital. Although she obviously does not have a lot strength she looks good. I had a nice chat with her and Norm. On the long way home I stopped by the Hutchings and spent some time just talking to them. They were both in good spirits but their age is really catching up with them. Bey is coming up on 89 – I felt like a youngster. We talked about their mission experiences and a little about what we would be doing.

The weather was beautiful which made the walking enjoyable and as always the visiting was uplifting.

When I got home, Mary and I spent a good hour studying Indonesian. I think I am making a little progress. After lunch we went to the lawyer to go through some legal stuff.

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